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The Tubular collection has endless possibilities!
The small tubes and connecting system makes it modular so we can make whatever we want.

Mix and match with the Fits! 
We offer different kinds of Fits combined with a wide range of E27 lighting sources. 

The Tube collection makes functional lighting easy!
If you are in need of stylish spotlights the Tube is minimalistic but has some great details. The Tube can also be a steady base to mix with our other collections.

Bohemian or mediteranian?
Call it what you want but the Chained collection found its origin in Bali.
Not having a lot of glass around made us using alternative materials.

Just a touch of the early days!
Recreated and combined with our new style. Rob’s old design comes to life again.

Our creativity can be overwelming sometimes!
To make sure we keep having fun we make lighting objects of anything we can find.