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“Create unique lighting objects with great attention to detail.”

The Atelier in Amsterdam, is Nollet’s main creative workspace and also functions as a showroom for the lighting products and office area. Besides to the atelier the production partly takes place at Nollet’s second workspace in Bali where the components of the lighting pieces are carved and casted. The production process focusses on the use of durable materials and craftsmanship. Each lighting piece is culturally rich and characterized by a passion for details. These details can be found in numerous aspect of the company: The products, with beautiful details on the outside to the highest quality of wiring and electronics on the inside and the customer experience, with the possibility of creating your own bespoke lighting objects and guidance from years of experience in the interior design industry.


Rob Nollet started making jewelry at the age of 17, which he first sold on the market and later in his interior design shop Déjà Vu in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Following his passion for craftsmanship and design, he started creating lighting projects. The inspiration for his designs mostly comes from nature. Organic shapes and durable materials define his style as a lighting designer.

After selling Déjà Vu in 2004 Rob decided to expand his horizons. Over the last 10 years Rob travelled the world until he found his second home in Bali. In these years he never stopped creating unique lighting pieces. His designs always incorporate the essence of the countries he visited by using local materials and crafting techniques.

Now dividing his time between Bali and the Netherlands, he set up a new atelier near Amsterdam in collaboration with his son, Sen Nollet. Using the inspiration from his travels in his designs, for people who share his love for craftsmanship and attention to detail.